The Mourning Son, a poem and devotional

Jesus desired to be alone
To mourn, to grieve, and to pray
To seek God’s will among grass and stones
For the baptist had been slain

But the multitudes found Him there
And so He began to teach
He spoke til the day had lost its glare
Now the people, they must eat

All He asked was to be alone
Not His will but the Father’s done
With loves and fish and God on His throne
The mourning Son fed everyone

Today’s Reading:

Exodus 1-3; Matthew 14:1-21;matt+14:1-21


The story of Moses is one of my favorites, and as awesome as the Hollywood versions may be, I’m bothered that they never get it quite right.  Every time I come back to Exodus, I find more to make me think and wonder.  Today, I thought about Moses’ parents raising him until he was weaned and ready to be sent to the Pharaoh’s daughter.  They had him then, until he was three years old, slaves, raising their child to be the son of royalty.  The questions that must have burned in their heart!  Was their son to be the one who would rescue his people from bondage?

As Moses grew up, he clearly thought so.  I wonder how much of that was instilled in him as toddler, words spoken that he could no longer remember, urging him on.  It was a good purpose, and so close to God’s will.  But the way and the timing were not quite right.  A murdered Egyptian lay buried in the sand.  Moses fled for his life.  Surely, his late parent’s hopes had been dashed to death with that Egyptian.  The chance had been lost.  Moses has been given an opportunity like no other since Joseph, and now he was only a shepherd on the backside of the desert.

Certainly, God had no use for him now.

Do our stories sound anything like this?  Are we shepherds mourning opportunities lost in the palace?  Then we should take hope, for God’s will is not so fragile, and the burning bush awaits.

Tomorrow’s Reading:

Exodus 4-6; Matthew 14:22-36;matt+14:22-36

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Image: Moses Rescued from the Nile

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