I Hope This Will Explain My Sudden Absence

The LORD is good, and I am thankful for the online ministries that He has given me.  Specifically, this blog and the Revival Call Facebook group and its Call to Prayer events, joining people together in prayer for specific ministries and for revival.  I believe in the calling to pray for revival.  I enjoy the work of this blog and I recognize and appreciate that the numbers of readers I’ve been given is not to be taken lightly.  You are all a blessing from God.  That makes it difficult to set it all aside, even if only temporarily, to let it go, even if I believe the LORD will allow me to take it up again.

But, this I must do.  Starting immediately, I will not be posting on this blog or on Facebook or on any other social media.  I’ve been busy, and I’ve suffered for it.  Now, I must sit at the Master’s feet.

Before I go, I want to give a witness to the LORD’s goodness in a way that only bloggers will understand.  Last month, I saw my numbers drop.  I refused to purse posts or efforts that would prop them back up again.  I ended the month with 2,200 views.  That’s still a blessed amount of views, and I am grateful.  But comparatively, it was poor.  My worst since the first two months of this blog’s operation.  I decided I needed to keep in mind that numbers were not the point.  I would just let it be.  Now this month is within shooting distance of being the best month ever.  With 10,940 views accumulated already, I only need less than a thousand to get there.  It seems an odd time to be shutting down production, but, once again, the views are not the point.  I need to pursue what is.

So where does this leave us?

I am committed to praying for revival, and I am certain that our efforts will begin again soon.  I hope you will wait for me, and ready to start up with me when we resume.

I feel worse for anyone who is following our reading place and devotional.  We are now in our sixth month, and until recently, we’d proceeded without missing a day.  Keeping that schedule was made easier as I’ve been using teaching from Chuck Smith most days these last four months.  If you have been following regularly, I hope you will continue the reading plan.  I use the reading plan found here.  And Chuck Smith’s teachings can be found at the Blue Letter Bible.  When the LORD says it’s time to return to the blog, we may continue again with the devotional…but we may not.  I hope to hear from Him on this matter.  I need guidance on how we should proceed.

I hope you will understand that I need this time.  God bless you all.

Image Credit: Silence